Say goodbye to termite and drive away disturbing insects by using natural extract herb that is safe and carefree. The problem of termite becomes disturbing most of the house owner and turns to be the chronic problem and is afraid of accumulation of contamination in your living area when decides to choose the extermination method by using chemical which will be the cause of sickness such as asthma, anemia, pneumonia, cancer, etc. that is ruining mental health of the house owner just because of the anxiety of chemical residues.

We would like to offer you the new option of botanical method that we have invented, tested, and researches until we are able to guarantee that our herb is innovative technology which is effectively exterminating termite. You can prove it by yourself.

As Pest Away Thailand is the first exterminator in Thailand that realizes and pays attention to environment so is appropriate for all locations like food industrial plant, consumer goods warehouse, ranchland, hospital, hotel, school, and house. If you choose us, you will no longer worry about the problem of residues of chemical which would cause many more following sicknesses.

Moreover, Pest Away Thailand is also intend to take care of your house, office, and establishment as good as taking care of our own house. Our objective is to focus on result and satisfactory of customer. Our company is not focus only on benefit but we also realize social responsibility for the good future of our descendants at most.

Pest Away is the only company in Thailand that provide one-stop service for exterminating all disturbing animals such as termites, birds, rats, ants, cockroaches, fleas, and lizards by not using chemical which is regarded as novel innovation that we have innovated the best method of extermination by using botanical method which is safe for all livers and their pets, environmental friendly, by our professional team who have experiences more than 15 years. Moreover, our product is also guaranteed by Singapore institute and Forest Department that is 100% effective for termite extermination.

Pest Away has profoundly studied ecosystem of termites and all distubance animals so that we can drive away the root of these problems. By means of many years experiences and customer confidence that we are the professional of extermination in every areas of Thailand, no matter is living house, factory, hospital, consumer goods warehouse, or restaurant, we are ready to serve you no matter is near or far voluntarily, conviniently, and fast just only you inform us your intention, we will send our staff to your area immediately. We are also take care of your house with love as though our own house.

Moreover, our company is also provide the best standard service. All our staffs have been trained according to the principle of exterminator association so that all of our staffs can answer or give the solution to customer professionally. Most of all, we are guarantee our works throughout period of agreement, no putting down or run away absolutely as we have a verifiable location of establishment.

So, with all of the above reasons that make Pest Away becomes number one exterminator in customer’s heart for all over 15 years. Don’t forget, when you are confronting the problem of termite disturbing, please think of Pest Away and your problem will be immediately drove away.




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